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Mutant Blobs Attack Billboardfest

Posted by on February 26th, 2012 | 4 Comments | Tags: ,

I’ve been messing around with my sparkly PlayStation Vita for the past few days, and the game I kept returning to was Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack. While playing through the game, I decided to snap some screenshots of the humorous billboards and other references scattered throughout the game. Some come from pop-culture, others from upcoming independent video games, and others still are simply puns, something we at PSNStores like very much.

Enjoy a tour of Mutant Blobs Attack’s various lolments. If I missed anything or messed up a reference, let me know! And if you don’t own Mutant Blobs Attack yet, BUY IT!

All Your Base Are Belong to Us and a joke about hitting the snooze button to keep dreaming. Perhaps an Inception reference? Also, the right shot features Geems, the dude who beat Chris in the high score challenge.

You’ve heard of Red Stripe, the Jamaican beer, right? And Dr. B. Kerr? Get it? Beaker?

On the left, some standard college fare: Beer Pong frat paddles, punny shirts, and a keg of Hipster Juice, Dennis Hopper’s favorite beer. On the right, PWG, the guy who beat me in the high score contest, and a funny poster: Math puns are the first SINE OF MADNESS. Sinusoidal curves are hilarious.

Hipster Juice, it’s ironically delicious! I’m not sure what game Flame Face is from. Let me know.

A humorous twist on a somewhat serious subject and a calculator, the ultimate weapon of Math destruction. The binary on the screen converts to the letter ‘X’, but I’m not sure what that refers to, if anything.

A wild Chris appears! C. Lown College, we demand to be taken seriously.

A funny cat billboard and another shot at hipsters. The piano cat reminds me of what you see when you die.

A comment on the value of education and another All Your Base reference.

4Chan shoutout and a pun on And Yet It Moves, which, to be honest, I had to search for because I forgot it existed.

I think everyone knows about Chocolate Rain, and GameShop looks a bit like another popular video game shop.

Indie games keep getting love, including They Bleed Pixels. I haven’t played it but it looks sweet. Kudos to Drinkbox for spreading indie game awareness. The GI Joe PSAs are always great to revisit, especially the flamboyant fireman one.

I haven’t seen this video, but a quick search led to OMG Shoes!. On the right, the first Capybara/Super Brothers/Jim Guthrie reference in MBA. It’s for Superbrothers’s iOS game, Sword & Sworcery EP. Wanna know how hip the PSNStores editors are? Chris and I sat down and played S&S before the masses ever heard of it. Na na na naaa naaa.

Capy’s stellar PSN title, Critter Crunch gets referenced, and another indie title, platformer N+, gets blobified.

I’m not positive on either of these. ‘Roids-B-Gone is pretty funny.

I don’t know if there’s anything in the left shot, but it looks like an alien with a hat on is hidden in the rock. A tea pun is in the right pic, and I died after taking the screenshot because when the Vita saves pictures, it disables button functionality. Oh well.

I’ve traveled across the USA, and there are places in the middle of nowhere where it seems like the next stop for gas is 65,000,000 miles away. The right pic looks just like a certain popular iOS game.

Blasting your taste buds makes me thing of Pop Rocks, Oregon Trail is a classic.

That billboard is SO INTENSE and oil puns are funny.

Another word for rooster is ‘Cock’, so the thought of Angry Cock Awesomesauce made me giggle. Oh, hey there new Drinkbox Studios game! We posted something about it back in the day. Go us!

A couple of billboards, not sure if they have any more meaning or refer to anything outside of the game.

No girls allowed! Again, I thought maybe the rocketship on the right was a reference, but I’m not sure.

A peek at Drinkboxes first PSN game, About a Blob, and proof proper that the cake is not a lie.

Spanish is a funny language, and ‘nom nom nom’ is a legitimate synonym for ‘food’.

Krispy Kreme donuts are fairly delicious, and Mall-Mart is taking over the small businesses of the Tales From Space universe.

Is this a reference to one of my favorite Corey Hart songs? And hey, look, Chris and me are in the credits of a video game! 2L2Q!

The level complete screen is cheeky, and the GameBoy graphical scheme has had me excited to play MBA since we first saw it in the trailer.

So there you have it, a photo/text wall of Mutant Blobs Attack goodness! It’s only $7.99; you have no excuse not to buy it if you have a Vita. Chris and I will be battling on the leaderboards, we’d enjoy some competition from site fans.