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Deep Black Brings Espionage and Bio-terror to PSN

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*Note: Above is ten minutes of gameplay footage from the PC version of the game. No PSN gameplay footage is currently available.*

In the year 2047 resources are running low and global mega-corporations have superseded the governments of old. In an effort to survive the remaining countries pooled their wealth and resources into creating two multinational supra-organizations. The United Federation of Gondwana (South America, Africa, southern Asia, Australia) and the Global Strategic Alliance (North America, Europe and northern Asia). While all of these organizations have proven to be the dominant powers at play everything begins to change with the discovery fallen meteorite. This is where Deep Black begins.

Deep Black takes you through multiple environments over the course of five total acts (forty total missions). As you see in the trailer above the game plays out like you’d expect any other third person shooter to play. The difference being that Deep Black aims to make us of both land and underwater combat. The majority of the game takes place underwater as you’ll learn to take advantage of the multiple gadgets at your disposal (underwater suit with jetpack, integrated harpoon, etc.) to take out enemies and infiltrate bases.

Originally scheduled for release late last year the console versions of Deep Black were recently pushed back into this year. We should be receiving more information about the game’s release soon.

We’ve also got 18 screens of the game for you to check out.

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