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Alien Spidy Coming to PSN and Vita

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Alien Spidy is an alien spider that’s exploring the far reaches of the galaxy to catalog all sorts of new life forms. However when his friend Virgi is captured on a planet known as Earth it’s up to Spidy to come to the rescue.

Alien Spidy is a 2D platforming game with a large focus on it’s physics based swinging mechanic. You’ll use Spidy’s web to swing across gaps and reach higher ledges among other things. Throughout the game you’ll collect power-ups and items to unlock new abilities, face off against a variety of enemies and unlock new content by performing special tasks as well as solving puzzles. Included with the games 75 levels is a map editor for players to create and share their own levels with friends and online players.

Not only does Alien Spidy also feature up to four player co-op and competitive play but the game will work cross platform with the PS3 and Vita.

The trailer above shows off eight minutes of gameplay from different sections throughout the game.