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Activate Your 3G Vita, Get Super Stardust Delta + DLC For Free

Posted by on February 13th, 2012 | 0 Comments | Tags: , ,

Announced today on the official PlayStation Vita live chat on the blog, and reaffirmed through the company’s twitter account, it seems we finally have confirmation on what game you 3G Vita purchasers will be getting when you activate your data plan. That game is going to be Super Stardust Delta, and you’re not just going to be getting the base package, which certainly has a good amount of features already. Oh no, you’re getting the game and the Blast Pack DLC for free.

I don’t blame you for not knowing what the Blast Pack DLC is, as it was only announced today on the PlayStation Blog. Essentially, the DLC is set to add four additional modes to the game, titled Endless, Impact, Bomber and Twin Gun respectively. If I’m honest, I can only properly figure out what exactly is set to change in the game in one of those modes from the titles alone. If you’re planning on buying the main game first for $9.99, then the DLC is set to cost you $8.00. However, if you buy them both in a bundle, then you’re unsurprisingly going to get some savings, with the “Interstellar Bundle” due to set you back $14.99. Forgotten what the game looks like? Never fear, here’s the trailer.



Stardust (sans DLC unfortunately) is actually out right now on the US store, but the Vita is set to launch tomorrow in the US for first edition buyers, and on the 22nd for everybody else.