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Curtis’s PSN Games of the Year 2011

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It’s been a pretty great year for PSN games. In fact some of the best games that came out on PSN I’d put right on up there with retail in terms of quality. So narrowing the list of great PSN games down to three was tough but when reflecting on 2011 these were the games that stood out to me as the ones I got the most enjoyment from.

Tales From Space: About A Blob

PSN has had one heck of a year and while looking back one of the first titles that consistently came to mind was Tales from Space: About a Blob. Released in February About a Blob was one of the first major PSN releases of the year and honestly just set the tone for the type of year PSN would have in terms of quality releases. It’s one of few games that consistently had me smiling and laughing the entire way through with sheer joy. About a Blob nails a sense of scale in the build up from being a tiny little blob up until the point in which you get to swallow THE EARTH. Watching as humans go from being multiple times larger than you to eventually running away in fear is incredibly rewarding as the game continues to progress and build off it’s solid gameplay mechanics.


Double Fine has struck gold with digital releases. Not only does Stacking provide a fun and unique idea but the Double Fine humor mixes in incredibly well. Throughout the game I found it hard not to just smile and chuckle at the tiniest of details. It probably speaks strongly of Stacking that despite it being a long time since I last played it I still to this day remember almost everything about it and just how much fun I had playing it. Things like stacking into a bear, getting people out of a room through farting and slapping other stacking dolls never gets old. It also helped that each puzzle had multiple solutions to find with each solution just as creative as the last.

Pix’N Love Rush

Pix’N Love Rush latched it’s claws into me from the moment it’s music started playing and just never let go. I’ve been playing this simple puzzle/platformer for the vast majority of the year off and on and it still just never loses it’s appeal. It’s a simple reminder that games don’t need massive amounts of content to have a lasting appeal they just need to be fun.

Honorable Mention:

PAYDAY: The Heist – Payday isn’t the best game out there by any stretch and it has it’s share of problems. (Parts of the game are kind of messed up.) But if you’ve listened to us go on and on about it on the podcast I think it’s clear why it deserves a mention. The game got us playing multiplayer almost every night for a little over a month and sporadically after that. We shared numerous amazing and sometimes hilarious moments together and just had a fun time playing. As someone who never plays multiplayer the fact that it got more than 20 hours out of me is kind of nuts.