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Brad’s PSN Games of the Year 2011

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Played a ton of games last year.  Some were good, some were bad, and some were really bad.  Here are my 2011 picks of PSN titles that every PS3 owner should have in their library.  Their devilish charm are reason enough to own them, but here, allow me to explain.

Infamous 2: Festival of Blood

The fastest selling PSN game of all time.  Take a hefty license and make a single serving game out of it; this is what you get.  A 4-5 hour afternoon with everyone’s favorite anti-hero with a vampire twist!  I’m not talking about those sissy sparkling vampires either.  I hope the success of this title serves as the prototype for other big name license PSN game.


Stacking is one of the most original gaming concepts I have ever encountered.  The game rewards creativity with multiple (and often humorous) paths to achieve the same goal.  Its period setting, soundtrack, and plot are seldom explored in other games, adding even more originality.  Double Fine is one of the few publishers that I look forward to every single time.

Hard Corps: Uprising

You get a ton of game with this title.  Beautifully animated sprites and lush backdrops make for one eye-candy filled experience.  With the addition of “Rising Mode” suddenly classic Contra gameplay feels much more accessible and beatable.  After you finish it grab the girl DLC character and suddenly the game is transformed into Strider!


Honorable Mention:

PAYDAY: The Heist – Talk 3 friends into getting this game with you.  Its adrenaline pumping fun that has infinite replay value (we still play it).  Make sure they have microphones too, you need to be able to formulate strategy with your fellow heisters, and without it, you will be tazed.   Wish I didn’t have to segregate this to the honorable mention section, but I cannot stress enough that this game needs to be played with friends.