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An Update on the Dungeon Defenders Console DLC.

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Today Trendy Entertainment provided some clarification on future DLC for the console versions of Dungeon Defenders. More specifically the Holiday DLC, new heroes and other additions with the exception of the Lost Eternia Shards. Currently there are no plans to bring over any of that DLC from the PC version to consoles.

The explanation given came down to the differences of how DLC is handled between consoles and DLC. Whereas on the PC it’s much easier to do things like special holiday packs on the consoles it’s much harder with a fair share of hoops to jump through. Below is a quick Q&A posted on their forums regarding the console DLC for Dungeon Defenders:

Q. Why is the PC-only DLC/features not coming to Console?
A. This is for a variety of technical and business reasons including patch size limitations and patch stacking requirements, as well as the massive restructuring of the current console game that would have to take place, the QA processes necessary to prepare those changes for submission, and the opportunity cost of pursuing other projects.

Q. What is the difference between patching on Consoles and PC?
A. There are two key differences between patching on consoles and patching on PC: approval processes and platform-restrictions. The former forces content to be finished well in advance of their release on console. The latter includes restrictions such as patch size (4mb on XBLA, unless you’re granted an exception), content, etc. For example, XBLA patches stack, so it would require anyone who downloads Dungeon Defenders to immediately download all of the subsequent patches on launch. So, even if we were allowed to update console like we have on PC, anyone who downloaded Dungeon Defenders today would immediately have to download multiple gigabytes of content via a series of updates, before actually launching the game.

Q. What is console getting?
A. Consoles will be getting Parts I-IV of the Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards packs, as well as their associated weapons and pets. The first patch will contain those as well as an unspecified number of bug-fixes and some balancing changes (the team is still working on both of these now). At this point, I really don’t want to dangle a carrot in front of anyone’s face, but we are looking into putting some of the other weapons and pets added into PC over the last few months into console. HOWEVER, we are limited by the small RAM in consoles and the way the existing DunDef weapon/hero system utilizes it, in regards to how much content beyond the Quest we can add.

Q. Why would you tease us with pictures of other Hero Classes in the secret room on XBLA if you didn’t intend to give them to us?
A. We originally wanted all of our parody artwork (seen in the PC and PS3 versions of the game) to also be in the wall in the XBLA version. One of the last-minute requests from our publisher on that version right before Microsoft Certification was to remove those posters. Up went all the concept art we had available on our computers.

Q. When is the console patch coming?
A. We still plan to submit the console patch this month. As for its actual release, that depends on the QA.

Sounds like these were things they wanted to give to console owners but just weren’t able to due to limitations. That’s really unfortunate.