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Spelunker HD Relaunching In Japan With Championship Mode

Posted by on December 15th, 2011 | 2 Comments | Tags:

You might have read on the internet that Irem sold the Japanese rights for Spelunker HD to our friends over at Tozai. While this isn’t big news for us, it is huge in Japan as it would mean that Minna de Spelunker (Spelunker HD) was going to be pulled from the Japanese PSN store. Fear not though as Tozai has announced they are relaunching Spelunker HD in Japan with “Minna de Spelunker Tozai Games Version”.

This new version will include a mode that I cannot wait to try, Championship Mode. In this there are 10 all new super difficult stages with 50 lives, all new trophies to earn, and a new mural to collect. There is also the promise of more Championship Mode stages.

There are no announcements regarding US or EU release yet, but we’ll post more news when it becomes available.

I was recently toppled off of my #1 US/EU Spelunker HD throne and am planning on reclaiming it over winter break. I sincerely hope this game gets released in the US; more Spelunker sends my heart a flutter.