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PSNStores Podcast 47

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In This Episode of PSNStores Podcast… Reasons to live in Ohio, How you can Never Die Alone d00d, a Real Steal, and The McRib is BACK!


October’s Games and Shames
Sideway: NY
PAYDAY: The Heist
Real Steal
PJ Sidescroller
Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken
Dungeon Defenders
Beat Hazard Ultra
Hydrophobia Prophecy (spoilers)
inFamous: Festival of Blood
Move Mind Benders


Where’s My Heart is a Minis Title!
Chrono Cross and More Square Enix RPGs Coming to PSN
Superstars V8 Racing Price Dropped to $5
Uncharted 3 Grab the Ring Competition
Toki Tori on PSN
Apples to Apples on PSN
Dungeon Defenders Community Event Bus
Rainbow Moon Delayed
Babel Rising Coming Soon
Hungry Giraffe from Laughing Jackal
Awesomenauts Delayed, Still Looks Awesome
IGN Blotches PJ Sidescroller Review
Under Siege Price Drop and Patch

ESRB Watch

NFL Blitz
Haunted Hell’s Reach


James Bond Skyfall/Skyland/Skyrim
Live From Corrupt PSNStores.com, Another Pan Am Recap (WHY DON’T I DELETE THIS JUNK?)
Chrono Cross Still > Chrono Trigger
The McRib is BACK! (but not for Ben)
Reasons to Live in Ohio (the McRib and Cheetas)
Dilbert 2
Puntrailers.tumblr.com (punception)
RIP Bernie Mac
PAYDAY Stories
Chris Hangs Out in PSHome Throughout the Show
Pro Controller Flipping Strats
GTA: San Andreas
GTA V Trailer
Unlocking Cross Game Chat
Secret Game Voucher Read Inside!?
The Grey Goo Apocalypse Theory
Eric Learns That He Can Walk Around With His Wireless Headset… Toilet Humor
Rocketbirds Supports Regular 3D Glasses
E-Mail From Dr Raul- Worst Sega Genesis Game?