New Info About PSN Account Deactivations

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The maintenance that was performed today is over and users now have access to the account management system on PSN once again. With this maintenance it was assumed that the new user activation restrictions are in place, taking the number of PS3 systems an account can have from 5 to 2. Users who are at this limit now have an option to deactivate all of the systems on their accounts from the Qriocity website.

However there are some details that have just come to light. There is now an option to deactivate all your PlayStation systems. You will only have the option to do this clean slate wipe once every 6 months. Also if you want to play previously downloaded games, you will need to activate the system again through the xmb. Here is a screen capture from the Qriocity site.

Hopefully there will be a way to wipe single accounts. Also it should be mentioned that there is no way to just deactivate PSP systems, you will have to do everything in one go. Sony should probably have more info about this in the morning.

  • Agent X

    That’s a good point about the inability to deactivate single systems. Perhaps they’ll phase in that option over time (hopefully sooner rather than later), as that along with the “only once every six months” limitation would be a terrible inconvenience for people who own three or more systems. I’m grateful that this sort of deactivation can be done at all, but I’d certainly like more flexibility for the user. I hope that Sony can clear the air and provide more details soon.

  • iamcloud

    @Agent X you can only deactivate online every six months, you should be able to deactivate through the system still

  • PlaydMikestar

    You can deactivate indivudally, go to devices in the top tab and choose playstation systems


  • NormanD

    You can just go to the devices page and deactivate individual systems

  • tribiony


  • FastGT

    This is a complete wipe? I havent been able to download movies since my media account was activated on my previous PS3 that yellow lighted.

    • Platoesq

      You need to contact Sony directly about being able to re-download your movies. It will take 7-10 days to get a response (after sufficiently complaining to the person you talk to on the phone) as to your being “allowed” to re-download. My 60gb launch ps3 YLOD a month and a half ago, and I just had to play the phone game with them to get my movies back. Also, they will tell you this will only be allowed once, even though it was a hardware issue… Go figure. I went and bought a 320gb Slim to replace, and had to go through the above. Just started re-downloading movies, yesterday… Good luck.

  • cell989

    Im still very disappointed that Sony dropped it to 2 PS3s only, I have 3 PS3 and this affects me directly. Its such a drastic move going from 5 to 2, had it been set at 3 Id be happy. I hope Sony can offer a PS plus plan that allows more PS3s on your account

  • meta

    As much as I like Sony, unfortunately this move only smacks of one thing: Sony, always first to remove features for their customers. What was the point of this, really?

  • meta

    And also, what about Vita? What would that fall under? Asinine move.

    • it falls under portable, so you can only have 1 psp 1 vita, 2 psp or 2 vita.

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