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Ion Assault HD Rated for PSN

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Ion Assault HD has recently received an ESRB rating as a PSN title. Below is a trailer of the original version of the game released last year through Steam.

ESRB Text:

This is an arcade-style action game in which players control a small space ship that blasts asteroids and battles enemy ships. Viewed from a top-down perspective, players collect dust particles (i.e., ion particles) to fire lasers at the swarming enemies, which sometimes include partly organic creatures (e.g., giant squids, worm- or larva-like creatures). Frequent explosions occur throughout the game, and some creatures emit purple splashes of liquid when they are destroyed. Players can sometimes hear the phrase ‘triple kill’ after blasting multiple enemies.

Ion Assault is a twin-stick shooter with an emphasis on it’s fluid and particle physics system. The game features 20 stages over 4 sectors with each concluding in a boss fight. The difficulty in the game is set to be accessible for everyone with it scaling depending on how well you play during the game.

We’ll be sure to provide more information on the PSN version of the game as we get it.

Source: ESRB