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EA Is Bringing NFL Blitz Back

Posted by on October 19th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags:

An all new HD version of NFL Blitz is making its way to PSN this January for $14.99. The game retains the original 7v7 gameplay now in HD and running at 60fps.

EA is implementing a Blitz Gauntlet that, similar to the career mode in NBA Jam, pits you against tiered challenges across the NFL as well as ‘fantasy character bosses’. Players will also be able to face off in head-to-head or 2v2 matches online while ranking up Battle Boards and earning Blitz Bucks.

Using Blitz Bucks earned from online play you’ll be able to purchase unlocks at the Blitz Store or by purchasing card packs you can begin building your ultimate team in the Elite League. Cards unlocked in card parks will provide special power-ups and affect on-field play.

Finally Tim Kitzrow and Brian Haley will provide commentary over the game.