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Shank 2 Announced

Posted by on September 27th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

EA’s currently holding their Vegas Games Show press conference and have just announced Shank 2. There’s very little information out at the moment but according to EA’s live blog the official Shank 2 website will be going live at the top of the hour. We’ll update with more information as well as the announcement trailer as soon as that happens.


Jamie Cheng (Klei Entertainment) took the stage today at EA’s Vegas Games Show press conference to announce Shank 2. Jamie noted that with Shank 2 they’ve rebuilt the game in order to provide more responsive controls while also building upon their current combat system. On top of that they’re working hard to add their own flavor to the feedback received from the community.

Two new features confirmed for Shank 2 are an online co-op mode as well as a co-op survival mode. The online co-op in particular is a very welcome addition this time around.

Below are the first screenshots for Shank 2 as well as it’s announcement trailer.

Shank 2 is currently scheduled for an Early 2012 launch on PSN.