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Ruin: Lairs, Relics and the Social Web

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One of the Vita games that Sony showed off during it’s E3 press conference was an action-rpg called Ruin. For a while the only information we’ve had about the game was it’s cross-platform functionality between the PS3/Vita. Today we recieved details on Lairs as well as the Competitive and Social integration that the game will feature.


Lairs are a highly customizable outward expression of your character in the game. You’ll be able to customize the layout, visual style and the monsters that protect it while you’re away. Players will earn relics throughout the game that, when placed in a socket at your Lair, will enhance either offensive or defensive abilities. Placing relics in your Armory will enhance the abilities of the player while placing relics in the Beastiary will strengthen your Lair’s monsters. You’ll be able to constantly rearrange each relic to try out new offensive and defensive strategies within the game.

The combination of Lairs and Relics changes your appearance throughout the game. Having spiked armor for instance might serve as a hint to other players that you possess a powerful relic. If you run into another player with an item you want you can bet on his/her item with another powerful item that you possess. Once terms are agreed upon by each player, the game will take custody of each item and each player will have 24 real-time hours to attack each other’s Lair. After 24 hours the player with the higher score claims both items.

On the note of competitive play the matchmaking system was described as something similar to that of a dating site. The game will find players at a similar level with you as well as players that possess items you might want. Providing more incentive to challenge other players throughout the game. Ultimately the goal is to match you up with players who provide a ‘Yin to your Yang’.

Social Web:

A lot of problems with social games seems to be the spamming that clogs many Facebook and Twitter feeds. Hearing about Jim gaining a level multiple times a day gets rather annoying. Ruin looks to fix this issue with the way that it’ll be handling it’s social web. Instead of spamming social feeds everytime you accomplish something the game will craft a way to tell it’s own story. Ruin will put more focus on the story that you’re telling through the game rather than each minor accomplishment. It’ll also boast your major accomplishments, like acquiring a special item, to coerce your friends into trying to steal it away from you. While it’s still early to decide whether Ruin’s new approach to social networking will work it’s at least nice to see someone trying something new.

Ruin is still a while off but this new information sounds like the game will feature a healthy level of customization. The competitive nature of the game also sounds rather intriguing. What’s your thoughts?

Source: [PlayStation Blog]