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PSNStores Podcast 41

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Renegade Ops
Elemental Online Card Game
Disgaea 4
From Dust
Resident Evil
Burnout Crash
Red Orchestra 2
Monster Hunter Tri


Dreamcast Games Coming
Beat Hazard Ultra Coming October 18th
DCUO F2P in October
Dungeon Defenders Developer Diaries
Counter Strike: GO New Modes
Max & the Magic Marker: Gold Edition
TGS Trailer Extravaganza
Ruin Info
Best Buy Dual Pack Deals: Get 2 Dual Packs for $60

ESRB Watch:

Chrono Cross
Final Fantasy Origins
Monster Fish
Excess Junior League Football
Gotham City Imposters


Ben is at the EuroGamer Expo, Curtis is at the PSNStores Podcast
Misspeaking About Nintendo
Nope… Just Another Lifelike Mount Taxidermized By Chuck Testa
Eric and Brad Get Accepted into Gotham City Imposters Beta; Nobody Else Does
Powerstone Remake Dreams
Renegade Ops’s Unfortunate Technical Problems
Be Afraid of Disgaea. Be Very Afraid
Subway Giveaways
You Got Served
Bring It On
New York Comic Con. We’ll Be There
From Dust Debate and Sand.exe
Portal, the G4TV Show About Everquest Misadventures
Chrono Cross > Chrono Trigger
Monster Fish vs. Killer Fish
Sideway: NY Interview Next Week!