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DC Universe Online Going Free To Play

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Announced today by SCE Executive Director of Development Lorin Jameson via the PlayStation.Blog, it appears that DCUO will be joining the ever increasing horde of previously subscriber only MMOs going free to play. With the new plan in place, anybody will be able to download and install the game client over PSN, and join in the caped crusades online.

Of course, with great pricing structures comes greater catches. There are to be three tiers in DCUO’s tricorn of pricing structures, with free players afforded the bare minimum, that being the ability to play the game for free, although they will be given the ability to download and install patches, the lucky sods. Tier 2, Premium, will be unlocked after spending $5 in the in game store, and will stay unlocked forever once opened. It’ll give you more of everything, meaning inventory slots, character slots, bank slots and vault tickets.

Of course, there’s still the subscription option, now called “Legendary”. With this pass, you’ll effectively be granted everything in the game, and all the DLC packs for no extra charge. This is of course aside from the $14.99 you’ll be paying for the access itself.

This is certainly an interesting move for DCUO, and one that a great many MMOs have been moving towards for quite some time. SOE’s Free Realms has been rather successful with this package, so time will tell if the company is able to replicate the same success with DCUO under this same scheme. One thing is for certain, there’s going to be a lot more people who look like Batman running around the virtual world once the switch takes place.

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