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Ben Goes To Eurogamer Expo: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter-Strike: GO is a strange beast. It seems to be attempting to stay true to the roots of the franchise, but in bringing it to consoles, it seems to be unsure of what it which audience it wants to appease. It certainly plays like classic CS, with my session with the game taking place on the map everybody chooses in CS, dust. The game looks decent enough, and it ran well even at this early stage. Of course, I died repeatedly, and only managed to kill one person, but that’s no reflection on the game itself, more my skills at it.

After playing a few rounds with the game, I got to talk to Chet from Valve about the game, and he reconfirmed everything about the game in line with my questions. The game is set to support every control method under the sun, with skill based matchmaking being used as a tool with which the developers can pair players together in games. It effectively means that if you’re ok with a gamepad, you’ll be matched up with people of your skill level, regardless of control method. Smart stuff. Chet also confirmed that if you don’t like the button layout, you can change every aspect of it to suit your whim. CS:GO is due out next year, and I’m interested in seeing what changes come to pass in the PC beta this fall. Let’s hope they’re for the better.