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Ugly Americans Gameplay Trailer

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A “Four-player side-scrolling co-op shooter game based on Comedy Central’s hit animated series is coming to PSN August 30…”
And that’s all of the press release that I can stomach to quote. Apparently, 345 Games is publishing an Ugly Americans game. You know, that somewhat sometimes slightly funny series about a social worker in a moster-filled NYC. Yeah… Here’s the trailer:

The game will cost $9.99 and features all of the voice actors from the show, a script penned by the show’s writers, and original characters created by the show creator (Devin Clark). The PR states that Apocalypsegeddon’s four-player top-down co-op gameplay hearkens back to such classics as Gauntlet and Robotron. What I see, though, reminds me of The Simpsons or Turtles in Time, except a whole lot more chaotic. There’s online play, but the game is being developed by Backbone Entertainment, which basically means that there isn’t online play. I can’t imagine this game will be any good whatsoever, but I’ve been surprised before. Chris and I will be able to play it at PAX a few days before it releases. We’ll keep you posted.