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Team 17 Announces Worms Crazy Golf

Posted by on August 30th, 2011 | 0 Comments | Tags: , , ,

Team 17 has announced today that it will be releasing Worms Crazy Golf, a standalone Worms style golf game, for PC, iOS devices and, of course, PSN. According to the press release, the game features 3 18-hole courses and makes use of several of the crazy power-ups that have been a defining characteristic of the Worms franchise. Everything from cannons that can shoot your ball further, to parachute balls, and even time manipulation will help in getting that oh so difficult birdie. The game also will feature a set of challenge modes in addition to the standard 18-hole courses. As usual, the game is turn-based and features a hotseat mode were up to four players can join in addition to the single player offerings. It doesn’t say if this multiplayer is restricted to local or if the game has online, but considering its release on iOS and PC I would be willing to bet that it will have online and local play. In the meantime though enjoy the smattering of screenshots of the three courses below. Worms Crazy Golf is slated for release later this year. So stay tuned for a more definitive date!