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PAX Prime Hands-On: Shoot Many Robots

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When Shoot Many Robots was first announced, I got excited to play a fun cooperative run and gun game that didn’t take itself too seriously. I got my hands on it at PAX East back in March and emerged with my enthusiasm for the game all but completely sapped. It looked rough around the edges and didn’t play very well at all. On Sunday, we sat down with one of the developers of the game and played the latest build. It was a lot better.

Check out a new trailer for the game:

Shoot Many Robots is becoming the game I hoped it would be. Chris and I played through some of a campaign level, then got a taste of the survival mode. The campaign level had branching paths which led to different loot stashes and more difficult areas. These would be essential in farming for better gear, the dev told us. Speaking of gear, the game has a plethora of weapons and other equipment that have hilarious descriptions and unique statistics. They even added, as an ode to Penny Arcade, a special little hat that had me laughing hard. Seriously, the animations that little guy performs are outrageous and a bit disturbing.

There’s local, online, and mixed support for the multiplayer. For mixed multiplayer, though, the game can only support up to 2 people per couch, which is fine. Honestly, as long as you and one other person can sit together and play the game online, I’m happy. It’s been too long for games to start implementing this feature, but I’m happy they finally did. The survival level we played got rather difficult, even though we were overpowered for that point in the game. There are character progression elements that we weren’t fully shown, but we were definitely leveling up, so I’m sure there’s going to be something fun going on there. Shoot Many Robots has running, jumping, jetpack drifting, and melee attacking bullets to deflect them back at the devilish toasters mindlessly attacking you. I hope the game continues its meteoric rise in quality, because if it does I’ll be damned if it’s not one of the best run and guns on the PlayStation Network.