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PSNStores Podcast 37

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Big news for the 3 people that listen to the show. The podcast will be going to a bi-monthly release schedule. We are planning to have an episode ready for you about every other week. We are going to be dropping the stores segment as well, since it usually just devolves into the games that we have been playing. Let us know what you all think.


Legend of Robot
Drums Challenge
Scary Girl and the Adventures of Dr Maybee
Mighty Flip Champs DX
Armageddon Riders
Journey Beta
Star Raiders
Gatling Gears
Puzzle Dimension


Section 8: Prejudice
$20 Million Invested Into PSN
NBA Jam: On Fire Edition
New Level In PJS2
Castlevania HoD
Test Yourself DLC
Capcom Making 4 Vita Games
PixelJunk Monsters Web Browser Game
ESRB Watch: Warhammer 40K Kill Team, Parasite Eve 2, Angry Birds, Deadliest Warrior: Legends, Dead Block, One Epic Game


Eric Gets Walked In On By House Guest, Must Annoyingly Explain That “There’s Four Other People On Here Talking To Me”
Farewell Pete Closs
Adventure Time
EA Wildlife Forest Survival Is Suspended (NOT CANCELED!)
Platypus Talk
Lycos Still Exists, Brad Had An Angelfire Zelda Fan Page
Vivas Listens To The Podcast
First Ever Co-op Review (On Teams, Against Other Sites (IGN))
EA Wildlife Rossi Posse Apocalypse
PSN Is Back In Japan, What Up Hater?
Ben Rages About Burnout
LIMBO Is Out Next Week (If You’re Here Tomorrow To Highfive Me Yesterday)
Brad Dream Reviews EA Wildlife

E-Mails! Yeah, We Got Some!