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Mercury Hg Melts Onto PSN

Posted by on June 7th, 2011 | 2 Comments | Tags: , ,

It’s been about five years since we’ve heard anything about Arthur Maclean’s Mercury, but news has broken that a new version will be releasing on the PSN. If you’re unfamiliar with the Mercury franchise, it’s a sort of Marble Madness puzzle game where you navigate a malleable blob through short, treacherous terrain. The ‘Mercury Ball’ changes colors and divides if cut by a protruding surface, amongst other things.

Check the trailer for the second game, Mercury Meltdown, here:

Mercury Hg (a bit redundant, no?) expands on the first two games by adding 60 deviously crafted levels filled with hazards and obstacles. HD graphical treatment and a whole lot of polish brings a brand new shine to the already mesmerizing puzzle experience. Mercury Hg also supports full online leaderboard support, adding a touch of competitiveness to the game. One of the more interesting features of this title is its custom music support. See, the game levels will pulsate and react to either the in-game music or songs from the player’s library in real-time. I’m anxious to see how that works. Perhaps Chris can get his mits on it; I know he’s busy sidescrolling and whatnot 🙂.