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Wanted Corp Incoming

Posted by on May 4th, 2011 | 0 Comments | Tags: , , ,

Zoo Entertainment announced today that they’re releasing a third-person multiplayer title on the PSN and PC. In Wanted Corp, you play as Neal H. MadDogg and Irina Zimoy, two bounty hunters bent on capturing fugitives who have escaped from a prison ship that crash-landed on an alien planet. There’s a single-player mode and a local or online co-op mode.

The game spans over four different campaigns. Machine guns, grenades, telekinesis, protective shields, and lightning are amongst the arsenal you command. You’ll be killing or arresting various enemies both mechanical and natural. You can also purchase upgrades and new weapons by accruing credits and finding hidden objects. The game is set to release this summer for the price of $9.99. Check out the trailer here:

Let’s hope ol’ MadDogg doesn’t laugh as frequently as that in the actual game.