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PSNStores Podcast 30 – PSN Resistance Radio

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Clash of Heroes
3D Twist & Match
Dungeon Hunter: Alliance
Phantasy Star Online
Air Penguin
Twin Blades
Portal 2
Battle Slots
Arcana Heart 3 (with special Brad features)
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
The First Level of Sonic Adventure 2
Funky Lab Rat
N.O.V.A. (QuALO)
Tony Hawk Talk… Again
inFamous 2 Beta

PSN is Down 🙁
Games That Released, But Not Really: Fancy Pants, Puzzle Agent, Outland, Under Siege
Hydrophobia Prophecy Coming to PSN with a TON of Updates
DoubleSix is Working on a New Game
Capy is Working on “Something Big”
About a Blob Expansion Pack to be Determined
Gatling Gears – May 17th
American McGee’s Alice
Chime Music Competition
ESRB Watch: BTTF Ep 3, Dino Crisis 2, Dr. Maybe and the Adventures of Scary Girl, Missile Command (PS1), Card Shark

PSN Outage Fever
Brad Gets a Ticket to Game 7?
Stone Cold Rick Roll
This Podcast Brought to you by Pocket Chair
Live Royal Weddingcast
YouTube Ads Ruin YouTube
Ben Becomes Bear in the Middle of David’s N.O.V.A. Talk
5 Guys Watching YouTubecast (Man Gets Struck by Lightning (Twice))
BYOP (Build Your Own Podcast)
Ben is Elated About the Geordie Shore (UK Jersey Shore)
Virtual Boy HD Rereleases (Red Alarm)