Farewell For Now

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Hey, PSNStores readers!

Since November 2010, I’ve been a part of an awesome crew. The group of writers, reviewers, and podcasters who maintain this website and fill it with content are some of the best people I’ve ever worked with. I’m glad I became a part of PSNStores. Unfortunately, I’ve got to let you know that my time with the site is, for now, coming to a close.

They say that most game writers secretly want to become game developers, and I cannot say that is untrue. As I become more exposed to Toronto’s video game development community, I find myself inspired to expand my skills and branch out into the vast, untamed wilderness (by which I mean my desk, at home). I’ve taught myself almost everything I’ve ever known, and I’ll be doing the same here, starting with Unity 3D (with some help from a great book).

I don’t know how long this journey will take or where it will take me. Since I expect it to monopolize my free time, it would be unfair to let a backlog of unreviewed games build up behind me. So, for now, I say farewell to my Reviews Editor role with PSNStores. I won’t be gone for good; you better believe I’ll still be around, on Twitter and PSN. And who knows? Maybe, in due time, PSNStores will be reviewing one of my games.

Chris tells me that he will soon be posting details about the open Reviews Editor position. I encourage anyone with decent writing skills and an eye for quality to apply. There’s a great crew running this ship; don’t miss out on being a part of it.

Take care.

  • celina

    You will be missed x

  • GothPunk

    I always enjoy reading your reviews David. Wishing you the best for the future, it’ll be cool to see a game from you one day.

  • brewer

    Hey David I wish you all the best on your game development endeavor and, like GothPunk said, it would be awesome to see a game from you one day.

    Hopefully who ever fills your position can live up to the quality of your reviews and insights into the gaming/journo-thusiast industry.