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Digital Reality Publishing announces Dead Block

Posted by on May 6th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

While Zombies might be a relatively tired idea, that isn’t stopping Digital Reality Publishing from announcing their latest title, Dead Block. However, in a lovely twist, the game isn’t a shooter, although it does contain copious amounts of zombie violence. Rather, the game has taken the form of a tactical defence game, with players barricading themselves inside a house in an attempt to escape from the undead hordes. You’ll be installing traps, coordinating with other players, and eventually when the zombies overcome your barricades, taking up arms yourself in an attempt to push back the horde. The debut trailer and some screenshots showcase the game’s fun visual style, with chunky characters and bright colours calling to mind Burn Zombie Burn, which is certainly no bad thing.

Dead Block currently doesn’t have a release date other than a typically vague “summer”, but we’re bound to know when exactly that means sooner rather than later. Digital Reality also sent over some screenshots, so you can peep those below.