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Awesomenauts Announced For PSN

Posted by on May 18th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

Ronimo, the developers behind Swords and Soldiers, are gearing up for their next title, Awesomenauts. While the title may not be descriptive, I can tell you a few details about the game.

First off it is being called a MOBA, which when you break this acronym apart means Massive Online Battle Arena. You can also see from the screens that Ronimo will be keeping with the 2D art-style from S&S, which is totally fine by me as I love me some 2DHD. That is all I got right now, other than speculating on random things from screens like, hey you can have four “attacks” and it looks like to be a team based game.

There is a timer going on at the official site for the game which looks to end when E3 starts. I will be at the show and definitely report more on this title then!