Awesomenauts Announced For PSN

Posted by on May 18th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

Ronimo, the developers behind Swords and Soldiers, are gearing up for their next title, Awesomenauts. While the title may not be descriptive, I can tell you a few details about the game.

First off it is being called a MOBA, which when you break this acronym apart means Massive Online Battle Arena. You can also see from the screens that Ronimo will be keeping with the 2D art-style from S&S, which is totally fine by me as I love me some 2DHD. That is all I got right now, other than speculating on random things from screens like, hey you can have four “attacks” and it looks like to be a team based game.

There is a timer going on at the official site for the game which looks to end when E3 starts. I will be at the show and definitely report more on this title then!

  • Eric G

    Looks like a 2D Fat Princess of sorts. I think a lot can be gleaned from the minimap in the bottom left-hand corner of the screens. Looks like you’ll have to break through walls or giant units in order to get to the opposing team’s core, something similar to UT’s Onslaught game type. I’m pretty excited for this game, even with just these screens.