PSNStores Podcast 27 – 04/01/11

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Sideway Interview with Gerhard from Fuel Industries and Scott from PlayBrains

Mr Hat and the Magic Cube
Pokemon TCG Online
Moon Diver
Ghostbusters: SoS
Faery: LoA
Spelunker HD

Fireburst Trailer
Choplifter HD
Clash of Heroes: HD Coming Soon!
Warlords HD

Eric plays on allgirlarcade.com the entire episode
All About Russia

  • brewer

    Sideways sounds like it could be an interesting property. Looking forward to hearing more about that

  • GothPunk

    I really like when you guys do interviews on the podcast, we usually get a bit more information than the rote PR releases give.

    I’m hoping that with games like Outland and Clash of Heroes coming out this month that it’ll make for less rage and more love on the show. ;)

    You’re giving away Time Crisis: Razing Storm…? :O

    • Eric G

      Time Crisis is being given away. I haven’t thought up how to give it away just yet, but when I do I’ll let you know. Any ideas?

    • GothPunk

      Well it’s a pretty big prize, it’d have to be something good – maybe draw a Brad picture or something for the site, or make a new song for the podcast (in honour of season 2)? I thought the PJS2 competition was a good idea, so perhaps the competition could be to come up with a Move game or on rails shooter idea?

      I guess a ‘follow us on Twitter and FaceBook’ type competition could be good too, I guess that gives you guys more hits? It’s just not very challenging – people should work for their prizes!