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New details and screenshots for Amy emerge

Posted by on April 7th, 2011 | 2 Comments | Tags: , ,

Lexis Numérique revealed today that Amy, the newest game from Paul Cuisset’s studio VectorCell, would be launching on PSN in June. In the PR, they also went in to some more detail on the game’s mechanics, stating that Lana and Amy “are often weaker than their enemies, players must choose to fight, or escape by running, pushing enemies away or hiding until the creatures depart”, which certainly reminds me of the Clock Tower series of games, in the respect that those games focused less on combat, and more on survival, whereas the Resident Evil series tended to swap that around a bit. In addition to this, Lexis Numérique took the time to explain Lana’s infection mechanic, which acts as a means of temporarily halting monster attacks, although overuse will of course have dire consequences on Lana’s health.

In addition to this, Lexis Numérique sent over two new screenshots, peep them below;

I’m really liking the  look of the second screen in particular. Frightened blonde woman? Check. Pervasive sense of dread? Check. Running from what might be a hideous creature? We’ll have to wait until Amy releases in June to find out. I’m guessing the third one might happen too though.