Mushroom Wars Goes Online Tomorrow In The US

Posted by on April 4th, 2011 | 3 Comments | Tags: ,

After months, patient fans of Mushroom Wars in the US and Canada will finally get to take the battle online. Out tomorrow for $2.99, the Mushroom Wars Online add-on will allow players to play online, but that is not all. There are new trophies to earn, local multiplayer is now for up to 4 players, and new worldwide leaderboards have been set up. Being a few months behind means that us Americans will have to try extra hard to get on the top.

We will be playing it on the Live Stream Show tomorrow, so you better be ready. So who is ready to lead the charge with me! Heck, with the spectator feature, maybe we will set up a MWO tournament in the coming months.

  • brewer

    Heck I suck at the game, but I would be up for a tournament.


    Ive been waiting for a while for this. I hope that “available in US” means available in Canada too?

    • brewer

      Yup DTHWSH, anything on the game side of the PS Store is released in the US and Canada at the same time. They offer the same content, and after the first year or so, for the same price. (the time that everything was a buck more in Canada sucked very very much).

      The only parts of the store that differ is the Video (slightly different selection) and Comic (not available) store.