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Drums Challenge Coming to Minis

Posted by on April 11th, 2011 | 0 Comments | Tags: , , , , ,

Hey guys! Check out this trailer starring Yan from Sanuk Games, a guy whose off-kilter delivery has become something of a meme on our website. His previous outing showcased Pix ‘N Love Rush, and our Little Look of the game borrowed heavily from his masterful ad strats. If you listen to the podcast, you’ve heard his voice. Without further ado, I present Yan presenting Drums Challenge:

The game is a timing-based music game with a focus on drums rather than guitars or rapping. The 8 palette-swap drum kits allow for different music genres including Jazz, Blues, Funk, Country, Metal, Punk Rock, Latin, and Reggae. There are 25 drum battles throughout the game, and the difficulty ranges from “easy enough for those who never played music” to Neil (ex)Peart challenges. Medals can be collected to keep you hooked, and a freestyle drum kit mode will finally put an end to you looking like an idiot on the bus. It looks like a good deal at the price of $2.49, £1.74/€1.99, and with Yan behind it, I can’t see it being bad.

It’s an iOS port from MusiGames, a leading developer of games and edutainment software based in Recife, Brazil. Drums Challenge is the company’s first game and was the bestselling iPad music game in the US AppStore. No PSN release has been announced, but it should be coming soon.