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Fireburst to launch on PSN Summer 2011

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Zoo Entertainment appear to be trying to get into digital distribution in a big way with the announcement of Fireburst, an action racer set to launch on PSN this summer. The only way I can truly describe this game is as Motorstorm on a budget, with a new system called the ‘Fireboost system”, which will provide some sort of temporary upgrade to your racer, in a hope of changing your fortunes should you fall behind. Each car in its class has a distinctive Fireboost ability, with each promising to leave a mark.

The game will offer plenty of car customisation options, with over 250 different car skins and 4 different vehicle types to choose from. The game will also feature 4 player split screen in addition to a full single player mode and what sounds like a full host of online feature. For $15, this really sounds like a decent package. Look for Fireburst Summer 2011.