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Amy announced for PSN

Posted by on February 28th, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

Paul Cuisset might not have the instant name recognition of some of his more notable contemporaries, but with games like Flashback and the Motor Racer series under his belt, it is always wise to sit up and take notice when a new title under his lead is announced. Amy is this such title.

Set in 2034, Global warming has taken its toll on the planet, with disease and natural disasters becoming more and more commonplace. To make things worse, the tiny town of Silver City (Midwest, USA), has just been hit by a stray comet. When a woman called Lana regains consciousness, her surroundings are chaotic, fraught with ruin and death at every turn. To make matters worse, a mysterious virus has turned most people she knew into part of a feral horde.

Lana needs to escape from Silver City, before she also turns into one of these beasts. This is where Amy comes in. Amy will force Lana to make choices that will alter both of their lives, with what sounds like an Ico inspired co-op dynamic allowing Lana and Amy to evade their pursuers while attempting to survive.

Amy is expected arrive in Q2 2011. Thanks to Electronic Theatre.