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Most Anticipated in 2011 – Slam Bolt Scrappers

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Do you own a PS3? Do you frequently check the PlayStation Network Store for hot new releases? How about for Call of Duty map packs? Is it the year 2011? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to know about some of the upcoming PSN titles that will blow your mind out in a car (with exxxtreme enjoyment). We, the editors at PSNStores.com, know about said titles. Here’s one of them:

Slam Bolt Scrappers

To view Slam Bolt’s odyssey from conception to present day, click this convenient tag hyperlink.
Back in September, Chris and I got to go hands-on with this smashing title. I posted my impressions about it: It’s very good. For those of you too lazy to open up my PAX article in a new window, I’ll sum up some of the key features that make this game a must have… as soon as it releases.

A Mash-up of Awesome: Slam Bolt Scrappers has a unique, playful graphical style. It’s played on a 2D plane, but the 3D backgrounds and blocks really pop. The game is most simply described as a team-based Tetris-like puzzler brawler with real-time tower defense elements. It’s not the easiest game to understand from just reading about it. If you watch a couple of videos, though, you should get the gist of it. The GameSpot interview is especially helpful. Basically, you’re fighting opposing team members and flying creeps in order to obtain colored Tetris blocks in order to build same-colored squares (2×2 or bigger) which turn into turrets that destroy the enemy’s blocks. Each different colored block creates a different type of turret. Some are defensive, most are offensive. Think competitive Tetris or Puzzle Fighter, except with a deeper, more strategic tower building mechanic. When you have no more blocks, you lose. The game can be played with one person, but I’m sure it’ll be most enjoyable with up to four people.

There are several different competitive modes as well as a full-fledged cooperative campaign that features hellish survival stages and gigantic boss fights. All of this made available by the power of block-stacking. There will be tons of unlockable hats to customize your characters, and I’ve been informed that ninjas are in this game. What role they play remains to be seen. I have no reservations in calling this my most anticipated game of 2011. I can’t wait to get my hands on it again, be it at launch or PAX East, whichever comes first.