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Most Anticipated in 2011 – Okabu

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Do you own a PS3? Do you frequently check the PlayStation Network Store for hot new releases? How about for Call of Duty map packs? Is it the year 2011? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to know about some of the upcoming PSN titles that will blow your mind out in a car (with exxxtreme enjoyment). We, the editors at PSNStores.com, know about said titles. Here’s one of them:


I’ll admit that trying to think up a description for Okabu was somewhat difficult, as I was attempting to make it sound rather more elaborate a set up than it actually turned out to be in the end. A simple way of describing Okabu would be “the world’s first cloud-em-up”, which in, though it is a rather succinct description of the game, still tells us relatively little about Okabu. In order to figure out what exactly the game is, I asked Simon Oliver, founder of HandCircus (the developer behind Okabu) to describe it for me, and describe it he did;

Its two-player co-op, seeing you guide our two Cloud Whale heroes, Kumulo and Nimbe through an action-puzzle adventure, using the strengths and powers of nature to push back the pollution and corruption spread by the game’s villains, the Doza.

Kumulo and Nimbe can manipulate all manner of liquids and small objects, from pools of water and acorn seeds to vats of oil and exploding fire nuts. In addition, there are four Cloud flying heroes, each with their own unique ability, that can hitch a ride on the back of Kumulo or Nimbe and use their powers to combat the Doza foe, or solve many of the bamboozling puzzles that you encounter throughout the world.

So, there you have it. Okabu is really shaping up to be a stand out title for PSN, and I’m certainly looking forward to getting my hands on it when the game releases later this year. It’s certainly looking like one of the most exciting PSN titles I’ve seen in quite a while.