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Chris’ Picks for PSN Game of the Year

Posted by on January 3rd, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags:

Looks like it is my turn to talk about my Games of the Year. There is a little bit of everything in my list, I don’t discriminate. It has been a really great year for the site. It started off at the beginning of the year with just myself and now we have 4 other editors. I don’t think the site would be as great as it is without the help of those guys. So Ben, Brad, David, and Eric thanks a lot! Let’s just get to the list.

1) Coconut Dodge

I am sure if you have been reading the site you know that I am crazy for Coconut Dodge. Hell I was even beating the devs for a while in terms of highscore. There was just something about the game that made me keep coming back to play. Simple fun is the most basic way I can sum up my time with Coconut Dodge. If you like score attack games at all, Coconut Dodge is the finest example of one on PSN. This is my top PSN game for the whole year, and I am not just talking about minis titles.

2) Spelunker HD

Spelunker was probably my surprise hit of the year. I think Eric and I have played this game more in co-op than any other title released. While the game is very difficult and not for everyone, it found it rather exhilarating when I finally cleared a cave. No other game released this year offers the same level of challenges that are present in Spelunker. If you are ever down to play just hit me or Eric up on Twitter. Just make sure you are well versed in Japanese strats.

3) Pac-Man Championship Edition DX

I am sure you have read the others list already so I don’t think I have anything else to add. It is Pac-Man, but more like if you play Pac-Man on acid. Namco-Bandai have really brought new life into the Pac-Man franchise with this game. It has me really excited to see how the other games in the Namco Generations line turn out.

4) Malicious

I doubt many of you have played this game and it is a real shame. Malicious is a true gem on the Japanese PSN store. For those of you that have, I know the camera isn’t perfect but I can look past that. Alvion have really made a solid game that is fresh in the downloadable market. I really hope that this boss rush bonanza makes its way to the states some time in 2011.

5) Dead Nation

While the lack of voice chat in online co-op keeps this from reaching higher in the list, Dead Nation was still one of the best offerings on PSN this year. Next to Spelunker HD and Coconut Dodge, I can’t think of a game that I have put more time into… Hell I even made spreadsheets for loot locations. The atmosphere the game creates is second to none. And for that I will have to give it a spot on my game of the year list.