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Brad’s Picks for PSN Game of the Year

Posted by on January 2nd, 2011 | 1 Comment | Tags:

Seems like David Tennant regenerated just yesterday…2010’s been a bit of a trip.  I’ve reviewed some really good (and bad ) games this past year.  Thankfully we have a podcast now to express how we really feel about some of the bad ones.  Cheers to another year of rage quits/ cat fishing simulators / and dead ants.

#5 Flight Control HD

After a long day of watching football, my buddies and I came back to my place.  I turned this game on and let them play around with it while I filled up a pitcher of beer.  I returned to the room and they had a good 12 planes landed.  All of them complained how slow and easy it was.  I sat back and smirked while filling up my pint glass.  Taking a swig, I joined the fray, turning on my custom soundtrack and watching as the absolute shitshow unfolded.  We landed another 10 before somebody didn’t notice that heli spawn in the top left corner.  Simplistic, flustering, fun.

#4 Scott Pilgrim vs The World – The Game

I found myself a bit of a fan of this series of books.  The movie was so so, and going into this game I held my reservations…I hadn’t had good luck with licensed material this year (Kick Ass  Top Gun).  Instead I got treated to one of the best damn beat em up’s I’ve played in ages.  Vibrant pixel graphics and some of the best chiptunes you’ll ever hear had me returning to this game (to pay Scotts overdue rental return fees)

#3 Sam and Max: The Devils Playhouse

Adventure games can be a tough sell.  The puzzle solving can come off disjointed and some people can’t help but grab for a guide.  I was lucky enough to get to review the Devil’s Playhouse season this year and managed to solve everything the game threw at me without having to ask my droid what to do next.  Rewarding, hilarious gameplay, coupled with some of the best voice acting you’ll find on PSN guaranteed this game a spot on my list.

#2 Costume Quest

As I played this game for the first time, my roomate leans over and asks what its about.  I reply with simply “oh its a trick or treating simulator.”  He replied with “I wish I had your job.”  Double fine does some mighty fine work, and this outting is no different.  Costume Quest had me at hello.  With a funny story, charming characters, and an easy to pick up kind of gameplay, this game was the perfect sugary quest on a lazy saturday.  The DLCs not too bad either 😉

#1 Pac Man CE DX

Never did I think Pac Man would be fresh to me, let alone nerve-racking.  Pure fun, I can only describe it as an adrenaline rush.  I just hope I can get my high score back from Eric..