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Exclusive: Mushroom Wars Goes Online

Posted by on December 10th, 2010 | 6 Comments | Tags: ,

Creat Studios are one of the preeminent developers/publishers on the PlayStation Network. Not many can match their output, currently they have 19 titles on the store counting both Minis and PS3 titles. Not only do they put out titles, but they are also listen to fan feedback. Case in point, Mushroom Wars Online an Add-on Pack which as you can tell, adds online support to Mushroom Wars.

Back when the site was fairly new we reviewed Mushroom Wars. At the time one of my main complaints about the game was the lack of online multiplayer. This game was the perfect candidate for it, and Creat has finally delivered what I wanted.

Originally the game only had 2 player local multiplayer support, well now that is being bumped up to four players. Additionally you can take it online and play with up to 3 other players to see who is the greatest Mushroom Wars tactician. They will also be adding worldwide leaderboards, so you can see how you rank against your friends and others. Like with Mushroom Wars the ability to save replays of your matches is still there and you can still upload your best matches to YouTube.

The add-on is set to launch this coming week across SCEE territories at £0.99. Also Mushroom Wars proper will see a 20% price drop in celebration of release of the new online add-on. If you don’t own the game already, there will be a bundle with the add-on packed in, but I don’t have pricing information for that as of posting. There is no date set for the US store at this time, but don’t expect the wait to be too long. I hope to see some of you online 😉