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echochrome ii Gets December Release Date

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As a nice surprise this month, echochrome ii will be releasing on the 21st. This time around, you will be completing mind-bending puzzles using your PlayStation Move controllers. Basically, the controller acts as a flashlight. You direct the light at floating objects on screen, and you must modify its angle to cast a shadow that is traversable by the main character. The producer explains it a bit better:

echochrome ii contains 100 built in levels, each with three ways to be completed. In escort mode, you will navigate the character to the goal by creating paths out of shadows. In echo mode, you’ll have to collect other characters to proceed. In paint mode, the blocks whose shadows your character steps upon get painted different colors. Your task is to paint as much as possible. As the producer mentioned in the article, the game also has a level editor. You’ll be able to share your creations online. Chris and I had a look at the game at PAX back in September, and the Move controls are very easy to pick up and get used to.

No price quite yet, but stay tuned, it’ll be here soon enough.
[Source: PS Blog]