Vanguard Games and EA to Release Gatling Gears this Spring

Posted by on November 10th, 2010 | 1 Comment | Tags: , ,

EA Partners has teamed up with indie developer Vanguard Games, a merger between W! Games and Karami, to publish a new dual-analogue shooter, Gatling Gears. The game will take place in the same steampunk setting as Vanguard’s previous downloadable title, Greed Corp. In Gatling Gears, you take to the skies as hero Max Brawley, filling the air with lead in an attempt to defeat a monopolistic corporation that is depleting the world of its natural resources.

The game is set to release on XBLA, PSN, and PC in Spring 2011. Martin de Ronde, Chief Commercial Officer of Vanguard Games and co-founder of Guerrilla Games, is very excited about the game. He stated, “It is very exciting to be part of an indie studio again… We feel Gatling Gears is a great representation of what our incredibly talented team is capable of and we can’t wait to bring this game to the market together with a strong publisher like EA Partners.”