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Spelunker HD Gets US Release Date

Posted by on November 10th, 2010 | 0 Comments | Tags:

Remember a year ago when I posted this story about Spelunker HD getting an ESRB rating? Well it looks like the game is finally coming out in 2 weeks! That is November 23rd for those of you that can’t count.

There is no price listed at this time for the game, but it does offer over 100 levels and multiplayer. There was also a platinum trophy in the Hong Kong and Japanese versions, so I assume that will be making its way over with the game too. I have asked Tozai whether or not this version includes the “Minna de Spelunker Black” content. I will keep you posted with their response.

Update: The game will be $9.99 at launch! No word on the Spelunker Black stuff.