Rumor: Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People PSN Bound

Posted by on November 30th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Tags: ,

Looks like some internet detectives over on the Tell Tale Forums have found some audio files from the Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People tutorial. The difference is this time he mentions both iPad and PlayStation specific features.

there’s a bunch of voices for the dialog for the SBCG4AP tutorial, mentioning Strong Sad’s ugly head and the magnifying glass, etc. Except it mentions PlayStation specific buttons, such as R1, L1, square, X, etc.

Currently the game is available for the PC and Wii. We will be contacting Tell Tale in the morning to see if there is some truth to this.

[Source: Poker Night Voice Files Hint at SBCG4AP for PS3?]