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Chris vs. Get Fit With Mel B – Day 1

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So I got a review copy for Get Fit With Mel B, a new fitness title that uses the PlayStation Move. Instead of screwing around with it for a weekend and then writing up a review, I am going to truly put this software to the test. Can it make me more fit in 30 days. I will be using the game every day and posting up my results along with a little write up. At the end of those 30 days I will post my review of the game. The game does feature a nutrition plan, but I don’t know how well I can stick to it as I am a busy college student who doesn’t have much time to cook. So I will try to lay off the junk food! Anyway here is my day one experience.

So I popped the disc into my PS3 and didn’t really know what to expect. Was this going to be too hard and make me pass out, or would it be too easy and make me think that it was a joke. Well my first workout went pretty well, it was in the Goldilocks zone for me, just right. But more on that later, I had to set some things up first.

I was greeted by Mel B at first start up, go figure. She asked me some personal questions like gender, birthday, height, build, and foods I don’t eat. I then got to choose my workout location. I picked the “Luxury Yacht” because I am baller like that. Then got to choose my goals, which are broken up into categories like general health or shape… things like that. I choose shape and then picked which areas I wanted to tone up. I picked the Upper Body and Banish the Belly goals. If I want, I can change my goal at anytime though, but I figured these would be a good place to start. There are all sorts of different goals too. If you are looking to boost performance in sports they have certain categories for tennis, golf, even dancing. There is a variety of categories to choose from, pretty much something for everyone. You want a 6pack for the beach, they got you covered man.

Before I started my first workout the game asked if I had any exercise equipment, while this isn’t mandatory, it helps in the workout. I have some resistance bands, so I checked that off. The last thing I had to do was enter my weight. After that BAM, I was ready to go. The main menu is broken off into five different options: Today’s Workout, Choose Workout, Your Progress, Nutrition, and Options. The Your Progress option is kind of cool, it has a live feed from the Eye camera. But ignoring my sexiness, I choose Today’s Workout and get things rolling.

Before you get into the workout you can see what you are going to be doing. My first workout was going to be some cardio kickboxing or as the game calls it “Combat”. I was fine with this because back in the day I took karate and have a black belt. I was ready to go, but I first had to calibrate the camera. This is rather simple, all you have to do is stand in the outline the game puts on screen. I had a little trouble doing this though as I have a small room, but it didn’t seem to hamper my workout too much. So as with any workout you start with a few stretches. I then had 30 min of heart-pounding cardio kickboxing action. I did pretty well for my first time with the game. There was really only one exercise that it didn’t pick up me doing, but I was fine with that. I got a silver medal for the workout today! I also had to pick how I felt today’s workout went. The options were either too easy, just right, or too hard. I picked just right because I was sweating, but I didn’t feel like dying or anything.

After finishing and heading back to the main menu, I couldn’t contain myself anymore so I had to click on the “Your Progress” section. It gives you the options on whether to see your stats, medals, or this is where you can change your goals. I will be posting my stats and medals page each day, so here are today’s:

So far I have burned off enough calories to cover a grapefruit, some ice cream, and a cookie. I sort of wished those stars actually counted towards something =(

So the game hasn’t made me hate working out yet. The way Mel B says some things keeps it interesting. “UPPACUTS UPPACUTS UPPACUTS.” I will be back again tomorrow with round two.