Dragon’s Lair Coming Out Next Week

Posted by on November 19th, 2010 | 6 Comments | Tags: ,

Surprise! We have just got word that Dragon’s Lair will be coming to PSN next week for $9.99. This is a pretty quick turnaround for a game that was only “announced” on Tuesday. Below is the feature set that you will get for your ten bucks.

* 1080p HD Remastered Video
* Visual Move Guide
* Classic Arcade Monitor View
* Online Leaderboard
* Trophy Support
* Exclusive Dragon’s Lair PlayStation®Home Reward
* Watch Mode – View the Animation Without Dying!

I really dig the Watch Mode, as I enjoy all things Don Bluth. This release marks the 60th platform that the game has been released on. It just makes me feel old thinking about this game 🙁 Who else will be slaying dragons and rescuing Daphne come next week?


    O sweet, I can remember spend tons of dimes in the arcade playing this game lol. One of my all time favorites, gonna have to get this. And finally beat it lol.

  • Andy

    Now we need Space Ace, Cobra Command and Cliff Hanger.

  • Todd

    I remember when Dragon’s Lair came out on the Ps2. I used to own it . I got tired of it pretty quick and got rid of it.

  • Jeramy

    Lets hope that Digital Leisure doesnt screw this version like they did with the most recent Dragons Lair BluRay release. In that version the scenes kept advancing forward even when you died during a sequence. If that gets fixed, and the game gets a new BluRay release then I will surely buy it. But if the same glitch is present, and its not released on disc then there is no real reason to rebuy this game for the n’th time.

  • Sondai3

    I hope this means that they’ll eventually release Space Ace, Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp, and Dragon’s Lair III: Curse of Mordread.

  • Omg about time i spent a fortune on this game when i was a teen soon as ps3 comes back on line im getting this and the follow space ace thank you don bluth