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Double Fine STACKING Up More Downloadable Fun

Posted by on November 23rd, 2010 | 1 Comment | Tags: ,

Tim Schafer has revealed Double Fine’s next downloadable title Stacking,  due to hit the Playstation Network in Spring 2011.

Stacking appears to be a third-person puzzle game set in a world populated by matryoshkas, or Russian stacking dolls. The player controls Charlie Blackmore, smallest doll of them all, who is able to stack other dolls over top of himself. Each doll grants Charlie specific abilities that allow him to solve puzzles, from gaseous farts to a raging charge and even flirtatious wiles. Puzzles appear to have multiple solutions, and the game is due to encourage creative use of every doll’s abilities.

No word yet on pricing or a specific release date. Considering the success of Costume Quest, Double Fine’s next downloadable offering is sure to be hotly anticipated.

[Source: IGN.com]