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Developer Interview: Auditorium

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In this PSN Developer Interview, we sit down with Alvin Muolic, Sr. Producer at Zoo Games. Auditorium will be making its way on to PSN soon and we wanted to get the lowdown on what new features will be added to the title. So sit back and enjoy the new screens, plus of course our little chat.

PSNStores: Can you give people a information on Auditorium if this is their first time hearing about it?

Alvin Muolic: Auditorium is a puzzle game where you transform light into sound. In each level, you manipulate and guide a stream of light particles (called The Flow) into “audio containers.” Doing this successfully unleashes the music!

Players start off with simple, single-instrument melodies, which gradually build into an orchestrated symphony as you progress through each challenge.

Auditorium is not only about play, it’s also about the journey of self-exploration and learning to create and express in your own way. There are no right or wrong answers and no way to lose in this game. What makes Auditorium so fascinating is that there are many ways to solve every puzzle and ‘create your own symphony’ so to speak.

PSNS: What improvements have been made since the PC version? Will there be any new additions made to the game for the console launch?

AM: Auditorium HD has been given a visual overhaul compared to the original PC game. If you’ve played through the original, we think you’ll enjoy the experience even more with the improved HD graphics and 3D TV support.

But those aren’t the biggest improvements! Not only does Auditorium HD have all of the original 72 Auditorium levels in a mode we call “Auditorium Classic,” exclusive to consoles is “Auditorium Modern,” featuring 78 brand-new levels and music! You can look at this as either getting 150 levels of Auditorium (more than ever before) or getting two Auditorium games for your money.

PSNS: Was the game originally planned to have Move support or was this added later?

AM: We planned for PlayStation Move and 3D TV support from the beginning, so if you’ve got either or both, you’re in for a treat.

PSNS: What made you choose to release the game on the PlayStation Network?

AM: For a downloadable title, PSN is one of the best ways to get the game into gamers’ hands. The platform is so accessible and provides a great network of players that we know would really enjoy this game.

PSNS: With indie games like this, many people like the try before buying approach, will there be a demo for users to try at the game’s launch?

AM: There is no demo planned for Auditorium HD. However, you can visit indiepubgames.com and try the original version of Auditorium as well as other cool indie-developed games that are available on the site! There’s a wealth of originality and creativity to be found in the indie scene, and indiePub is definitely the go-to place to discover it.

PSNS: Can you announce a release date and price at this time?

AM: Auditorium HD will launch on November 23 on PlayStation Network at an MSRP of $9.99.

I would like to thank Alvin for taking the time to answer these questions. Be sure to check the site in the coming weeks for our review of Auditorium!