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Chris vs. Get Fit With Mel B – Day 4

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Today there was some good and some bad. First I will talk about the good.

So I finally got to do something other than Aerobics/Cardio. It was my first fitness workout, woohoo! It seemed like it was quite tailored to the 2 goals that I chose at the begin when I made my profile. So for this workout I was doing half abs and half arms, chest, and back. I kind of wish I was using a yoga mat or something for the abs portion as my arms got a little brush burn from doing this one seesaw exercise. But that wasn’t the worst part about today.

Well the bad was that I found it really tedious and cumbersome having to hold the Move will doing the exercises for chest, arms, and back. Because I was using resistance bands that I own, trying to juggle holding that controller while doing the exercise properly became a problem. I tried to do it without the move, but it didn’t seem to register my reps. If I get a fitness workout again tomorrow I will investigate further.

Here are the stats from today:

I have a feeling I will be quite sore tomorrow. I was feeling it in my arms and chest today.