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Chris vs. Get Fit With Mel B – Day 3

Posted by on November 3rd, 2010 | 4 Comments | Tags:

Yes, something new today! So after I came home from playing some street hockey will some fine folks over at Airtight Games, the developers behind Dark Void, I popped in Get Fit. I was a little tired so I decided that I would only do a 20min workout, since I was just running around for about an hour. Well as luck would have it, I was about to pretty much run some more. Today’s Workout was “Advanced Cardio.”

I have never really done a proper cardio workout before, you know the kind I was about to partake in. So to say the least, it was exhausting. I think I actually sweat more during this 20 minutes then I did that whole hour playing hockey.

The workout for the most part went without a hitch. There was one exercise where my movements were really registering, the “ice skating” one, but I think it is due to me not have enough room to move around. I have about 3 feet or so of space that I can move around in. Otherwise I hit my dresser or my futon. So I got a silver medal again :(. I really want to get a gold one of these days.

I looked at today’s menu for food, as even though I wouldn’t be cooking any of it, I really want the trophy for “following it” for a week. There are some things I really don’t like about the recipes. For one, some of the measurements are in metric. I know us Americans are backwards, but I really have no clue how much 200g of something is. They also use some terms for things I have never heard of before. Check out this image:

Apparently I need 100 eating apples… what in the hell is an eating apple. Aren’t all apples, eating apples and while do I need 100 of them. That would cost like $50. There was also something called a courgette in a recipe today. I had to google to find out that it was a zucchini. I really wish this stuff was localized a bit better.

Here are the stats from today:

I even had Lasagna at dinner tonight, luckily it didn’t need 100 eating tomatoes to make it.