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Chris vs. Get Fit With Mel B – Day 9

Posted by on November 9th, 2010 | 0 Comments | Tags:

No Get Fit workout today, I was really busy with school. I might do a challenge workout and a regular workout tomorrow to make up for the missed day.

I am really digging the stats screens after you finish a workout. I think I will get a picture of it tomorrow to help explain it better. It is a chart showing you how well you did on each rep, with a rating (nothing, bronze, silver, gold). I am pretty sure this is how it rates your workout. It also shows which exercise you need the most work on. Taking that knowledge you can hope in the practice mode and work the kinks out.

I needed a day to rest as well. I was getting pretty sore playing this every day, but I guess that means it is working! I will be a third of the way through the challenge after tomorrow!