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Chris vs. Get Fit With Mel B – Day 7

Posted by on November 9th, 2010 | 0 Comments | Tags:

I did two different things today: I tried a “challenge” workout and I also did a Dance workout. The challenge workout was an all out assault. There are no water breaks, no stretching, all business. I did the kickboxing one because I figured I would probably be able to finish it. Damn that was quite a workout, it was pretty much everything I had done in the game up to that point in kickboxing.

I then took a good 30 minute break to cool down. I wanted to get a normal workout done today too so I figured I would try out some dancing. It was really simple stuff, nothing too hard. I mean, even I could handle most of it. I didn’t get behind on any of them either, but I did use the tutorials a lot.

I really liked the challenge workout. I think I will be doing those again on the weekends.